2 – Opaesan

2 - Opaesan

The Thin Line between the Natural and the Man-made
Subway: Mia (Line 4)
Distance hiked: 4.23 km (together with Byeogosan)
Total time: 1:36:41

Opaesan is one of the two hills that flank Seoul’s North Dream Forest, the latter being a reincarnation of what was once a theme park. The day I went, I saw a motorcycle accident and a group of adorable elementary school children in a line. An ajumma was sleeping and a younger woman was walking her dog. The azaleas were starting to bloom and each echoing step I took on the wooden road was accompanied by classical music. I ended up near an observatory and started going down via a parking lot. Before long, I found I was about to reach the other side of the park, with the second mountain that wraps around it. It was easy, almost too easy—words I’m sure I will eat much later.


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