4 – Bonghwasan 봉화산

4 - Bonghwasan

Bonghwasan 봉화산
The Mountain of Beacon Fire
Subway: Bonghwasan (Line 6)
Distance hiked: 2.85 km
Time: 1:55:29

At first, Bonghwasan to me appeared like an uninteresting mountain. A man, hand resting on a tree, was talking on his mobile phone. An ajumma was walking her dog, which was wearing a pink plaid scarf. Near the top, I saw some ajusshi engrossed in a game of baduk, and further on, where the exercise equipment was, more of them were pumping iron, some with face masks. But I jumped at the sight of the beacon tower. No one seemed to mind it, and went on about their business. But I squealed at its resemblance to an igloo and marveled at how it received signals from North Korea through neighboring provinces—a far cry from that man I saw using his cellphone in the middle of a forest in this noisy city.


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