5 – Achasan 아차산

5  - Achasan 2

Achasan 아차산
The Best Mountain for Reenacting Korean Dramas
Line: Achasan (Line 5)
Distance hiked: 5.77 km (together with Yongmasan)
Time: 3:49:47

After the smaller hills I hiked, it was a treat to see the high views of mighty Achasan. On the way up, I saw some railings vandalized with interesting words. “Love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality.” “If he had not been elected president, our economy would be whole lot better.” (sic) “1. CV 2. DB. 3. OW. 4. CANCER.” When the trail flattened, I walked on a rocky face that led to a pavilion with a small library inside. Many people were hiking that day: large groups of friends, a woman sitting on a rock with her puppy, a man playing with a remote-controlled car.

Walking further, I seethed at the rudeness of graffiti on official signs that correct awkward English. At this early stage of the hike, I was getting tired, but I chastised myself when I saw an old man with a hiking stick pounding on with shoes that were so worn, they were falling apart. I smiled when I saw a dachshund wearing a grey sweater drinking water out of a paper cup. There were hat and makgeolli vendors right before I saw the fortress. Earlier I read about the legend of a princess who came for the body of her dead husband and wondered if anyone thinks of history or legends when they are out of breath.

Before I started on Yongmasan, which was the mountain right after, I hit a spot with exercise equipment, and the many ajusshi pumping iron. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh. Good for you.


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