6 – Yongmasan 용마산

6 - Yongmasan

Yongmasan 용마산
The Rocky Road
Subway: Yongmasan (Line 7, but accessible from Achasan)
Distance hiked: 5.77 km (together with Achasan)
Time: 3:49:37

Am I the slowest hiker in Korea? I can’t help but ask myself as everyone passes me by. Gorgeous views await the intrepid hiker, but it was an old man in a red winter jacket quietly sitting on a bench that caught my attention. He never moved despite the people who walked past. (Later I realized that this was a character I would encounter in many of my hikes.)

It was quite a rocky mountain. Nearing the end, I meet a mother and her daughter and asked which trail leads to the exit. I didn’t know a lot of Korean words yet, so I just said, “Taxi?” They laughed and pointed me to the right direction. First I ended up in a weight lifting stop with lots of international flags and even more buff ajusshi. Then I used ropes to climb down the steep craggy slope and finally, to freedom.


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