8 – Baebongsan 배봉산

8 - Baebongsan

Baebongsan 배봉산
The Little Hill that Could
Subway: Hoegi (Line 1)
Distance hiked: 1.25 km
Time: 32:12

This was the first mountain where I encountered cherry blossoms. Spring was coming! Hurray!

Baebongsan, beside the University of Seoul, is a small park, though the way I entered it felt like a bigger hill. Fearing there was no trail, and fearing I was going to be late to an art opening soon after, I just went for it. After clawing my way through branches and fallen leaves to reach the top, puzzled Koreans on the actual trail stared for a few seconds, and moved on. A large white dog was pulling its master, a young soldier in fatigues, who let me take their photo. There were few things I can remark on, and I had places to go, so I powered through the little hill, and left.


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