10 – Ujangsan 우장산

10 - Ujangsan

Ujangsan 우장산
The Archery Hill
Subway: Ujangsan (Line 5)
Distance hiked: 2.04 km
Time: 45:17

Why am I doing this project again? I grumble as I trudge through rainy Seoul, looking for a mountain on the other side of the city. Running trail, big rocks, lotsa trees, whee. I spy a couple having a private moment, and I hurriedly walk past. On my left, I stop in my tracks, because through thin tree branches, I see something that took me back to my college days. An archery field! One that looks like it’s actually used for competition! I wish it wasn’t raining, and I wish there were people shooting arrows.

The trail leads to a cherry blossom path, which lent color to this bleary day. Further ahead, the path gave in to temporary wilderness. Outside, several sculptures line the park, and are worth stopping for. Who knew? Never judge a mountain by its exercise machines.


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