9 – Yongmasan (in Daebang) 용마산

9 - Yongmasan Daebang

Yongmasan 용마산
The Disappearing Mountain
Subway: Daebang
Distance hiked: 1.14 km
Time: 31:35

Well, well, well, another Yongmasan, which doesn’t turn up anywhere except on a tourist map. Even on Google Maps, it was dubious. But lo! Up ahead! My friend Kate and I see elevation. Trees, stairs, and exercise machines—yup, this is the place. It’s lovely to see another small library on a mountain, and look, a lovely red bridge. At the top there is a modern-looking sculpture made of steel. Nearby, a paper dove with a ribbon on its tail is caught on a tree.

Bonus points! There are two parts to this mountain, connected by a bridge lined with brightly colored pinwheels. I can’t decide whether it’s scary to have bulldozed a road through a mountain, or lovely that they let most of it live. Let’s go with the latter. A chihuahua with a striped blue sweater barks at us while crossing. Descending, we come across a deck outfitted with exercise machines, with ajummas in group stretch. Go for it, ladies.


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