18 – Baengnyeongsan 뱅녕산

18 - Baengnyeonsan

Baengnyeongsan 뱅녕산
The Crescent Stone Mountain
Subway: Nokbeon (Line 3)
Distance hiked: 4.13 km
Time: 1:41:35

I enter Baengnyeongsan through the backyard of an apartment complex. Asking for directions proves to be wise in this case; I almost climbed Bukhansan, which I’m just not ready to, oh my. I reach the peak before getting to explore most of the mountain, and I could see Bukhansan from where I stood. Oh dear, the thought of the bigger mountains is starting to scare me. But let’s focus on the present. Checking my location via my phone, it appears that I am going through the mountain in a crescent moon shape, and it becomes apparent why. There’s a part that is very dry and made of boulders where no plants grow, then it drops off to show apartment buildings. As I descend, I see a pavilion and exercise machines—quite interesting to know that this is the backyard gym of the apartments I’ve encountered before and during this trek. And quite lovely that despite this, I still see these Korean magpies playing about. The black and blue feathers are unmistakable. They seem to be having fun, so I suppose that’s a good sign, as are the nests I am relieved to see, up in the air, past the apartments’ top floors, and sitting snugly near the sky.


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