17 – Guryeongsan 구령산

17- Guryongsan

Guryeongsan 구령산
The Backyard Mountain
Subway: Guryong (Bundang Line) or Irwon (Line 3) if you want to start through Daemosan
Distance hiked: 4.53 km (together with Daemosan)
Time: 2:44:11

Truth be told, there isn’t a strong character to Guryeongsan that makes it different from the mountains I’ve seen so far, but reliable is probably the word I will give it. Stairs going up and down? Check. Some rocky terrain? Check. Flowers, trees, wildlife? Check. Nice high views of Seoul? Check. I would hike this mountain over and over if I just wanted to work out.

Curiously, as I examine the soil and borrow some for the project, I feel like some of it isn’t real mountain soil. It doesn’t feel earthy or heavy enough, although I know mountain soil varies depending on the altitude, climate, and other factors. But the sample I ended up taking feels too…light in weight. And dark in color. I’m thinking this soil doppelganger added to the mountain by the city in hopes that it will make some plants grow better or faster, such as the flowers that seem to belong more to a gardening show than a mountain. Interesting.


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