13 – Naksan 낙산

13 - Naksan

Naksan 낙산
The Best Mountain to Reenact Your Favorite Korean Dramas
Subway: Hyehwa (Line 4)
Distance hiked: 1.60 km
Time: 46:59

Naksan Park is clearly not a mountain anymore. It is a park, with a museum, convenience store, and a stage for public performances to boot. But it used to be quite an important mountain centuries ago, and part of the historic fortress is still there. I would be alarmed, but to be honest, the same components of all the mountains I’ve seen are there—trails, soil, trees, hikers, exercise machines, couples, etc. This is the time when I start asking myself, What exactly is a mountain? I thought it was a large land mass with a peak, or many peaks, but if we flatten that peak and remove its “wildness” do you just call it a park? Thinking about my project, I thought that getting the soil was the most deconstructive—isn’t soil the DNA (or building block) of mountains and the rocks in them?

But enough philosophical meanderings. It is cherry blossom season and well, blossoms abound! Many young people are taking photos of themselves. This is quite the best place to reenact a Korean drama, don’t you think? Saranghaeyoooooo…….


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