19 – Bongjesan 봉제산

19 - Bongjesan

Bongjesan 봉제산
Baduk City
Subway: Kkachisan (Line 5)
Distance: 2.68 km
Time: 1:02:43

How thoughtful, I mused, as I watch people walk around a stone path that encircles some flowers. The surfaces of the stones were textured for reflexology—they had protrusions and indentations that designed to massage certain parts of your feet. It seems like a hill made for families. Benches were strategically placed in front of flowers for people to take photos of themselves, such as this little girl being photographed by her mother. Up ahead, there is one of the many “beacon mounds” I’ve seen in other mountains that old Korea used for signaling purposes. This is in such contrast to Korea now, with everyone being so wired to the latest technologies. I smile at the thought that using beacon mounds now would be useless—no one will look up from their phones. But the most interesting part is this tent. I expected a tennis court, but instead I see tables with ajusshi engrossed in their baduk games. I’ve seen them before, but not so many in one site. One of these days, I would like to join them.


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