23 – Daehyeon Park 대현

23 - Daeheyon Park

Daehyeon Park 대현
The Repurposed Hill
Subway: Singeumho (Line 5)
Distance hiked: 0.79 km
Time: 22:21

Daehyeon Park used to be part of a bigger ridge, or so I see when I look online. So this is what happens when an elevated area (sheesh, what a euphemism) ceases to be a mountain or a place with historical importance. It can be repurposed into a sports park with a small baseball field, a running track, a soccer field, and exercise machines. What else can a mountain be? I muse. And is this necessarily bad? It is, after all, consistently maintained. Its new functionality brings comfort to nearby residents. If I were to remix a mountain into something else, sports, arts, culture, and other enlivening human activities would be ideal, I suppose. It was harder to find this park than to walk on it. Clearly not a tourist destination.


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