22 – Namsan 남산

22 - Namsan

Namsan 남산
Where Wedding Bells Ring
Subway: Hangangjin (Line 6)
Distance hiked: 4.39 km
Time: 1:39:58

I encounter a wedding as I enter the famed Namsan. Already it’s living up to its romantic reputation. I follow a trail with a family going ahead of me. A little boy was playing with bubbles and listening to Gangnam Style—the song that just refuses to die here. Quite lovely gardens await before I manage to find the trail, which was made of cement to make way for tour buses heading for N Seoul Tower. In a previous visit, I took the elevator to the top of the tower—the highest point of Seoul—and saw grand views of the city. But here, I walk past and go along another part of the fortress, past the many tourists wanting to add their piece to a fence with locks and cellphone cases that are supposed to profess one’s undying love to their significant others. The trail ends, and I walk past a fountain and the Ahn Jeung-Geun Memorial Hall, where I am very relieved to find a bus.


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