29 – Cheongryongsan 청룡산

29 - Cheongryongsan

Cheongryongsan 청룡산
The Sad Mountain No One Notices, A Hideaway for Ajusshi
Subway: Seoul National University (Line 2)
Distance hiked: 0.68 km
Time: 22:11

I cannot lie; I did not realize this mountain existed. I was on the way to Gwanaksan, when I saw a small, almost unnoticeable wire entrance on my right. Near the opening, I see a sign with the name, Cheongryongsan. I am a bit startled, and a few steps in, I realize I did not start the app to trace my hike. Bah, I need evidence I hiked a mountain no one knows exists! I begin walking and for a few minutes I think I am all alone. I stifle a scream when a hiker power walks past me—there is no such thing as an uninhabited mountain in Seoul! I walk again, but with no available trail to hike more of the mountain, I see that I am approaching the same direction where I came in. I think that this is the most uneventful hike, until I yelped when I encounter a group of ajusshi playing baduk, all gaping at my sudden presence. Hastily, I bow and walk as fast as I can away from them. I exit through a hole in the wire fence, and make my way to Gwanaksan.


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