28 – Gaehwasan 개화산

28 - Gaehwasan

Gaehwasan 개화산
The Pleasant Surprise on the Other Side of Seoul
Subway: Gaehwasan (Line 5)
Distance hiked: 2.86 km
Time: 55:30

After my near-accident in Suraksan, I know I have to get back to hiking as soon as possible, lest the experience traumatize me into scrapping the project. So I pick Gaehwasan, which looks like a cute mountain on the other side of Seoul. Despite the occasional rain, but I am able to power through the first half. But after trekking through mud and trees, I encounter a helipad and a prospect point that allows me to see the Han River and a beautiful red bridge. The trail begins again and I see that Gaehwasan is a graveyard for the descendants of Lord Munjeong. Indeed, tombs from the mid-Joseon dynasty, are scattered throughout the area. I am relieved I am still hiking, and that I am still on track with this project. Hurray!


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