26 – Gohwangsan 고황산

26 - Gohwangsan Kyung Hee

Gohwangsan 고황산
The Mountain where You Can Get a Degree
Distance hiked: 2.38 km
Time: 42.14

Here is a mountain repurposed into a university. Kyung Hee University is one I actually know because a number of my taekwondo teachers are alumni. As I enter, there is a school fair going on, and students rush past me to an open field that is shaking with the beats of K-pop. It is such a beautiful campus, and I eagerly roam the area and think about how this mountain went from one that possibly saw numerous battles during old Korea to a vibrant educational institution whose students create projects such as the Kimchi Bus. In the back, things are quieter, thank goodness, and I approach a pond with gray-green sculptures. A peaceful sight.


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