32 – Maebongsan 매봉산

32 - Maebongsan

Maebongsan 매봉산
Rabbit Mountain
Subway: Maebong (Line 3)
Distance hiked: 1.56 km
Time: 48:04

Maebongsan got its name because it is in the shape of a hawk. But that is not the animal that I will remember it by. Delightfully, I encounter half a dozen rabbits near the exercise machines, sunbathing themselves while the ajummas work out. They were of multiple colors—white, black, dark brown, caramel. They play near the benches were one can do sit ups and did not seem perturbed by the human activity around them.

Apologies. It is my first time to see rabbits in Korea. I hope these will not be eaten.


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