41 – Baramsan 바람산

41 - Baramsan

Baramsan 바람산
The Windy Mountain
Subway: Sinchon (Line 2)
Distance hiked: 219.40 m
Time: 21.40

Adding to my list of tiny mountains is Baramsan, which roughly translates to Windy Mountain, or so I am told. It is another one of those “parks in the sky,” which means I climb a long set of stairs to enter it. It’s…alright. I watch a pigeon fly through a large hole in a net of a tennis court. It is quite small, but to be fair, still green. A see a Korean magpie playing on a tree—this is always a good sign. A part of the park is treated as a vegetable patch. A few feet away, an old man sits, deep in thought. Perhaps that is the power afforded by a park in the sky—you are away from the cares of the manic society down below.


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