36 – Cheonmasan 천마산

36 - Cheonmasan

Cheonmasan 천마산
The Mountain of Red Earth, or The Red Vegetable Patch in the Sky
Subway: Macheon (Line 5)
Distance hiked: 1.33 km
Time: 50:17

Cheonmasan is too close to the edge of Seoul, it’s completely cut off from my tourist map. A little hill, but still, a hiking ajumma greets me at the top with a smile. Like most of the high parks, this one is supported by concrete on the sides like a burrito. There is something different about the soil here—most of it is red earth. In some part without trees, the area has been used for agriculture, though for which crops, I do not know. It just rained earlier, so I walk on the red mud and think how some of the fallen flowers resemble maggots from a distance. Cheonmasan has a great view of Namhansanseong, a huge mountain that is in Gyeongg-do and not Seoul, and so is not on my list of places to climb at least for this project. At this point, I am not sure whether I am disappointed or relieved.


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