37 – Iljasan 일자산

37 - Iljangsan

Iljasan 일자산
Where the Little Prince Can Grow Old
Subway: Gil-dong (Line 5)
Distance hiked: 1.53 km
Time: 36.58

I have low expectations of Iljasan—but for these, they are well met. It is a flat mountain that is used by many families as a camping ground. In one area, row after row of orange tents are arranged neatly, with families gathered around identical barbecue grills, grilling the same types of meat. It is almost dark and I want to get this over with as soon as possible, but as I ascend and turn right, a beautiful if not slightly absurd scene awaits me. Ladies and gentlemen, behold an herb astronomy garden. Their words, not mine. It’s exactly how it sounds. The Little Prince can grow his rose here.


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