38 – Nogosan 노고산

38 - Nogosan

Nogosan 노고산
The Empty Mountain
Subway: Sinchon (Line 2)
Distance hiked: 0.51 km
Time: 24.28

I enter Nogosan from the back of Sogang University’s business school. It is not the most elegant way of entering a mountain, but Google Maps does not provide information on entrances. A black cat crosses my path, but I forge on anyway. I ascend as quietly as I could, because there is a business class in progress on my right. I suppose I should have treated the cat as a warning, for there seemed to be no way to move further because of bushes. But eventually, I see an opening, and while thorny bushes poke my legs, I make it to what now feels like a mountain.

Not a soul is in sight, in spite of the sounds of students in the university emanating from what I think is a soccer field. After the earlier possibility of interrupting a class, this emptiness is quite eerie. It was a bit more haphazard and less maintained—perhaps in this way, it actually feels like a real mountain, free from landscaping and flowers that do not belong in the wild. As I exit, I am in the university, where there is a bust of a Jesuit priest. Next time, this is where I should enter the darn thing.


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