45 – Gaeungsan 개웅산

45 - Gaeungsan

Gaeungsan 개웅산
The Mountain for Idyll Weekends
Subway: Oryu-dong (Line 1)
Distance hiked: 1.14 km
Time: 42.58

It is one hot Sunday on my way to Gaeungsan. And it isn’t even summer yet—Seoul must be scorching in a few weeks. At 125 meters in height, I reach the top quite easily. There is a pavilion with people wanting to beat the heat. Everyone is in the shade. Even the exercise machines are empty. I wish I can write more, but the high temperature has gotten to my brain. Near the exit, I see families playing near the trees, and even people using the mountain to nap, complete with a bed and pillow. Good for you, Gramps, good for you.


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