Hiker Profile: Micah Park

Among the individuals interested in the mission was Micah Park, who dropped by the studio on a Sunday. Not only did he very nicely translate for the other Koreans who came over to pick up my plant, but we had a very thought-provoking discussion about nature and urbanization. (More on this later.) After a few days, he emailed me:

Dear Catherine,

How are you?
This day I climbed two mountains. 불암산 (Buramsan) and 수락산 (Suraksan).
Actually I was supposed to visit one more mountain, 도봉산 (Dobongsan). but I changed my plan because it is a National Park (not allowed to plant in it).*
So I chose the two mountains.

It was very hot day. but I climbed to the top of the mountain.
And of course, finished the mission.
Actually I wanted to visit the mountain coming September but I think it would be better to plant it as soon as possible.
So today I visited.

Thanks for giving me a chance to come close to nature.
It was very wonderful experience.

When I was planting it, I prayed for my friend who has suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus.
so I named it Coco.

I wish you have great time in Korea till you finish your all journey.

Thanks again.

With warm heart

Micah Park

* Artist’s note: Yup, if you would like to join this project and hike Dobongsan, Bukhansan, and other “sensitive” mountains or hills, please plant either near the entrance or the parking lot. Visit the Methods page for why.

When asked about how experience went, he wrote:

“For me, it was amazing experience. I tried, tried to find a good place to plant.
My feeling is like to look for good parents for an orphan.”

Micah also sent me these photos from his hike.





Thanks so much, Micah!


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