Seoul43 is a community hiking project about trekking through all 43 of Seoul’s official mountains and some other notable ones. First, the artist hiked all of the mountains herself, tracking her trails with a smartphone app and borrowing some soil from the bottom of each mountain. During the exhibition at the National Art Studio of Korea where she was an artist-in-residence, the public was invited to plant using their preferred mixture of the collected soil. After the exhibition, volunteers were sent on individual or group missions with the newly seeded soil to plant them back to the mountains, thereby returning what was borrowed from nature, but this time enriched with the consequences of positive human intervention.

Below is the introductory video shown during the exhibition:

Methods and Data

Participants welcome. Please do get in touch at csgyoung[at]gmail[dot]com.

‘서울 43’은 서울의 43개의 산을 등반하는 커뮤니티 하이킹 프로젝트입니다. 먼저 작가는 서울의 43개 모든 산들을 직접 등반했습니다. 스마트폰의 트래킹 어플을 이용하였고, 각각의 산에서 흙을 빌려왔습니다. 작가가 입주하고 있는 창동창작스튜디오 전시 기간 동안, 관람자들은 원하는 산의 흙을 조합하고 화초를 심을 수 있습니다. 전시가 끝나고, 지원자들은 화초를 심은 흙을 다시 산에 돌려주러 갈 수 있습니다. 그리하여 자연에서 빌려온 것을 다시 돌려주게 되고 동시에 사람들이 개입함으로써 보다 긍정적인 결과를 가져오게 될 것입니다.

프로젝트에 참여할 지원자를 모집합니다. 연락부탁드립니다.

Catherine Sarah Young
楊 佳 仁

Catherine is an artist, scientist, designer, explorer, and writer whose work primarily explores human perception and its relationships to memory, creativity, and play. She did this project as an artist-in-residence at The National Art Studio of Korea. This project changed her life; she’s afraid of heights.

With thanks to the wonderful staff of The National Art Studio of Korea, Changdong

Producer and Editor: Kate Kirkpatrick
Additional Translation: Hyo-min Lee
Additional Support: Haejun Lee

Catherine Sarah Young
May 2013
Seoul, South Korea



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