Best Dressed Ladies

These two women were on the way down from Inwangsan, one the more grueling hikes. Awesome that they could still pose!

best dressed ladies - Inwangsan

Nicest Gentlemen

It started to rain at the end of my hike and they drove me to a museum and gave me tea. Thanks, guys!

gents and me - Ansan

Best Busker

This was on my way up Dobongsan.


The Grandma Who Reminded me of Iris Apfel, Fashion Icon

This lovely lady hikes Daemosan and Guryeongsan every single day!

best dressed ajumma - Daemosan

The Best Pose on a Mountain

I admit: I took this photo and ran.

stylish boy - Ansan

Best Hat

Lovely background, too! This was taken in Umyeongsan.
ajusshi nice hat - Umyeongsan


Most Surprising Sport on a Mountain


ajusshi football - Samseongsan


Best Place to be in Two Places at Once

Inneungsan, where you straddle the line between Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.


Most Dangerous Place to Find an Ad

The part with the boulders in Gwanaksan

ad - Gwanaksan

Best Place to Jump Rope

Near a helipad in Ansan
girl jumping rope - Ansan


Most Surprising Pet on a Mountain

bunny - Maebongsan


Most Interesting Found Object

A rocket.

found objects


One thought on “Awards

  1. Haha! I love this page on your site!
    I’m a huge fan of hiking too and its refreshing to see the different walks of life on trails
    I found the best dressed dog πŸ™‚

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