In the final group exhibition of my art residency in the National Art Studio, Changdong, in Seoul, the public was invited to plant using all the soil I collected.

Here is the installation view.


The table has three place settings that each includes a mixing bowl, a shovel, and a paper cup for the plant.


The shelves on the left contains the soil from all 43 official mountains of Seoul and some unofficial ones (that is, those who have lost their “mountain status” and had part of them turned into parks, universities, or apartment complexes).


Included in the exhibit is a video that explains the project, and an iPad that allows visitors to browse the website.


Below is the video:

At the planting table, visitors can plant using their desired mixture of soil.


Mid-exhibition, the shelves on the right are almost full of plants that are being kept alive by mountain soil.


At the end of the exhibition, the shelves are now full of plants, ready for their final resting spot on the mountains.


Please view the Missions page on what happens after the exhibition.


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